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Sports cars engine is a machine to convert heat energy into mechanical energy and power to produce force and motion. Internal combustion engines burn a fuel to create heat then create a force. Although European sports cars and American sports cars have some working principles, there are many differences about engine performance. It is known that European sports cars have small engines and American sports cars have big engines. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, "M" series of BMW, and "AMG" series of Mercedes are well known European sports car companies which also produce engines. First of all, Lamborghini Automobili which was established by Ferrucio Lamborghini officially starts in 1963. From 1963 to nowadays, Lamborghini is one of the leading…show more content…
Generally these cars are named as American Muscle cars. It is known that American sports cars have big size engines. As GM(2014) explained that 2014 Corvette has 6.2L V8 DI Engine. It generates 455 horsepower at 6000 rpm but also it can generates +5 horsepower with performance exhaust. The engine reaches maximum torque 460Nm at 4600 rpm. The Corvette producers offer 7 speed manual transmission or 6 speed pedal shift automatic transmission(para. 1). If it is necessary to compare with Lamborghini or Ferrari, this Corvette has not satisfactory engine performance. According to Mraz(2014), the Corvette LT4 engine generates 625 lb ft at only 2800 rpm. The $320000 Ferrari Berlinetta generates 450 lb ft torque at more than 6000 rpm. The $150000 911 Turbo S Porsche's engine produce 90 less horsepower and 134 lb ft less torque than the LT4 and reaches 90% of its maximum torque from 2500 to 5400 rpm (para. 21). The Corvette which has LT4 engine can defeat many of European sports cars because of generating high torques. It means that LT4 can reach high torques with small changing of rpm. Before LT4, Corvette used LT1 and there are vital differences between its old engine (LT1) and new engine (LT4). As Mraz (2014) stated, the new LT4 engine produces 37% more horsepower and 40% more torque than old LT1 owing to the 1.7 litre supercharger. The new system is one inch taller and 20 lb lighter than prior supercharger (para. 8). Generating more horsepower and torque with lighter new supercharger system contributes to increase engine

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