Sports In High School

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Sports have been ingrained in human society since the invention of fire. From football to soccer there are thousands of different methods and styles of sport. There are many options to participate in sporting events in high school. A popular option for students can be running sports such as track and field or cross country. Andrew Lake is a track and cross country runner for Canton high school. He has ran competitively since seventh grade. it wasn’t until freshman year when he became more invested in the sport and soon after dedicating more time during sophomore year he became a varsity runner and continues to run to this day. Training to be a successful runner can be very rigorous. According to Lake “Training is really hard. We spend everyday …show more content…

“My favorite part of running is running with my team. Obviously running really hurts and takes a lot of energy and training, but it is much easier when you can train alongside your friends and teammates. Going through such intense training brings us very close together and I’ve made some of my best friends on the team.” Speaking of friends, Lakes teammate, Braden Heimbaugh adds “The team brotherhood that we share is the main motivation and driver through the intense workouts that we do.” Lake continues “Another thing I really like about running is the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done. It feels really good to have completed a tough workout, especially if I’ve hit all my times” But not all aspects of running can be positive. “My least favorite part of running is definitely the stress and pain. It’s stressful trying to learn paces and keep on pace during races and practices can be really grueling and leave me sore and tired all over my body” Lake explains. “Running has taught me commitment and perseverance as well as hard work. You cannot be a good distance runner without commitment, you have to train every day to stay in shape and you lose stamina and strength every day you take off, you have to be committed to the hard work to be

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