Causes Of Stress In Sports Essay

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Maughon tells me that, during an exam, he diagnosed a stress fracture, a potentially serious injury that could interfere with the normal growth of the girl's shoulder. He explained to the mother that her daughter should take an extended break from tennis of up to six months. It wasn't the answer the mother had come for. As Maughon recalls, she flew into a "yelling, screaming, stomping" rage, assailing the doctor for being overly cautious and insisting that her daughter didn't need any time off -- she could be treated just as well with physical therapy.” "It was one of those cases where a parent absolutely, totally refuses to deal with reality," says Maughon.” Sports can cause serious stress, this is a very serious and emotional situation in…show more content…
When parents expect their kids to win or do great, it could put a lot of pressure on the kid. Kids points out that ¨Parents who live through their child’s accomplishments can fall into that dark pit and put excessive stress on the child to continue to perform without allowing any room for second place.(Kids Children cannot always be expected to come in first place Sports should not be as intense as it is until the child confidence does not dependent on their performance. The article “Children and Sport explains “The tendency to value winning above all else has been recognized as the cause of many problems in children’s sport. When winning is kept in perspective, the focus is more accurately placed on striving to win and the pursuit of victory.” (Children and Sports). Parents who want their child to win, put a great amount of pressure on them, and can make many problems. Someone might say that the parent only wants their child to do good. That may be true but at the same time, parents wanting their child to do good could lead to putting excessive stress on the child. It is important to know this because the parents should know that forcing your child to do good is a bad thing an may lead to
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