Sports In The 1970s Essay

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1970s and Sports

The 70s were a time of disco, polyester suites, pet rocks, but also a time that many felt self-absorbed and challenging. Generally speaking, they were mostly the time of political justice and the rights of women and African Americans. Therefore as the U.S got more in the 70s, they found themselves to be sinking down into a difficult situation of political corruption.

1970s Historical, Social, and Political Events

The decades of the 70s was a time of often in fits and starts. They were the years when the women’s movement became a recognizable political force. In 1972 years after the campaigning of feminists, Congress passed the Equal Right Amendment (ERA) to the Constitution. The 1970s, many groups of Americans continued to fight for expanded social and political right. President Richard Nixon passed the Education Amendment in 1972. During the 70s the Voting Rights Act was extended in July 1975. Ten days later, police officers killed two black students who were protesting at Mississippi, Jackson State University.When Congress approved the ERA to the Constitution, it reads: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex. The ERA alarmed many
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It opened up a whole new opportunity for women and girls in general, it led girls be able to graduate to actually get a scholarship and be able to play. The Civil Rights Movement showed that despite the color of someone 's skin African Americans can still do anything a white man could do. A example of that is Jesse Owens while he was in Berlin he served as a representation of freedom, democracy, and equality. He didn’t give up even when the Americans triumphed over discrimination. But because of his stand, Americans citizens supported him even from across the
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