Sports In The 1990s

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1990’s Sports Did you know that the 90s were the golden age of PC gaming? Sports were also a huge aspect in the 90s. Sports like Baseball, Football, Tennis, or even golf. There’s a wide variety of sports you could choose to watch and/or play. But did you ever think about what in the world could impact these sports? The 1990s had many historical and social events that impacted sports. Some of these historical and social events include the Major League baseball strike in 1994 which was the longest strike for baseball in history. Players pointed out that they had not been paid properly for most of their careers (“Longest”). Along with the strike, the Persian Gulf War began in January 1991 with massive air offensives “Operation Desert Storm’. After…show more content…
Many different players have received this trophy, including quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running backs (“The 1990s”). Just like in football, the world series was just as important to baseball as the heisman was to football. These two things were very popular in sports in the 1990s and still are to this day. In 1995 cities and states took half a billion dollars to build stadiums and even arenas to keep all these professional teams (Kallen) The Strike in 1994 caused baseball to be cancelled for the rest of the season. When it was reopened in 1995, the attendance had decreased tremendously. From 31,000 to just 25,000 fans per game (“Longest”). During the Persian Gulf War, many people would have been more curious about the war rather than worried about if their favorite team was winning or losing. The Heisman was a very important thing in the football industry, by winning the heisman was a great accomplishment and set a goal for every team to try and succeed for. The 1990s sports had many impacts from the social and historical events that occurred. The strike on baseball, the gulf war, and even heisman trophy winners. The building of professional sports arenas and stadiums. How the strike led to less fans after baseball was reopened in 1995. Lets just say the 1990s was a very busy and entertaining
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