Sports In The Elizabethan Era

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Richard Ramirez once stated, “Violent delights tend to have violent endings.” Sports were very different at this time, a lot of violence was shown between different games, such as animal blood sports which were very serious. Athletic competitions have been around since the beginning of time. Popular sports in the Elizabethan Era were the animal blood sports which involved bears, bulls, cocks and dogs. People during the Elizabethan era may have liked the blood sports, but they always had violent endings.

During the Elizabethan era, many games that were played always had gambling behind it. Gambling often took place during the blood sports.Immeasurable amounts of money were placed on the blood sports. A lot of money was put on the bear and bull baiting games.There were many gambling dens and houses and sometimes were placed in theaters. Gambling was primarily used for board, card, and dice games. A specific game they played was known one and thirty. Today society knows one and thirty as Blackjack. The game in this
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In this age men and women consisted of two different types of bows that were used. These bows were identified as a crossbow and longbow. Hunting was one of the most strongest sports in the Elizabethan time for men and women. Hunting was meant for strong, fit men who knew how to use the instruments to hunt. The men would use many different kinds of tools to hunt with. The men would get in teams and were very serious when going hunting. Every male between the ages of seventeen to sixty had to maintain a bow. During that time the men would practice regularly. Archery in the Elizabethan era was one of the most popular sports for the upper class to show off their possession. The target in archery that was used in this time was called the clout and the bulls eye was known as a white circle or a pin stuck out. Men who regularly hunted deer were driven towards archer’s as they would shelter in a

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