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Sports Industry Principles When it comes to the principles of management in sports, the areas which are applicable include planning, organizing, leading and evaluating (Masteralexis et al. 2009). Sports managers are required to perform in these functional areas so as to meet the demands of their jobs. Planning in this case would involve defining the goals of the organization and looking for effective ways to achieve them; participating in short and long term goals; setting the course of action and reviewing the organizational plans of the sports organization. When it comes to organization, the manager should be involved in determining the types of jobs to be done and the personnel responsible; organizing the selection of staff; and developing…show more content…
Basically it attracts bigger crowds, larger investment, extra attention from the media and produces bigger revenues. The collegiate sport is not just a revenue earner for the sports industry but for the universities as well. The media attention aimed at collegiate sport from varied television networks which view it as a source of entertainment is beneficial to the sporting industry as a promotional tool. It is from that platform that some of the future stars can showcase what the sports industry holds for the future. The professional sports franchises also use collegiate sport as a feeder system. Due to the significance and popularity of the college sports, professional sports teams are able to identify the future professional athletes that they would like to be part of their…show more content…
In terms of revenue, hosting big tournaments such as the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup usually generate a lot of money for the sporting industry due to the influx of fans and other participants who converge at host countries in the name of the sport. Such tournaments also showcase the talent and athleticism of a country’s athletes. It also creates a sense of pride in the athletes as well as the citizens of the country. Professional sport also contributes to the sporting industry of a country in terms of fame and reputation. For instance, the continued success of the Brazilian national soccer team has brought much fame to the country’s sports industry as well as the country itself. Brazil has basically become a household name in world

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