Sports Influence On Body Image

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Sports and the idealization of athletes, a defining characteristic of almost every child, is unmistakably a healthy influence on teenagers’ thoughts about body image. In teenage years especially, people are vulnerable to being caught in tendencies to achieve the perfect body, but sports helps teenagers’ health in this quest. Athletes, when compared to other model figures, provide a unique take on a healthy physique. Additionally, the scrutiny that athletes face, especially those that are the most influential, helps positively reinforce method for attaining a more physically fit body. Sports in general provide a mindset that is healthy for teenagers’ thoughts on body image through positive reinforcement and the thought of the attainability of a healthy body type. Sports and athletics are one of the most healthy and beneficial factors for a teenager in regard to thoughts on body image. Sports helps teenagers’ thoughts on body image by providing an alternative style of healthy or perfect body compared to those portrayed in cinema or even something as seemingly innocent as the toy industry. Athletes provide an example of body image that is healthier and more attainable, thus being a healthy influence on teenage body image. In Britt’s A Unique Take on Beauty, she writes that “from hundreds of possible photos, SI chose one of Serena during play, her face contorted in a grimace. The shot highlights her athleticism” (Britt). This standard of a perfect female body, far from being
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