Sports Information Director

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The job of a Sports Information Director, or an SID, can be challenging, yet rewarding. A sports information director is basically a public relations specialist for their respective professional team or college’s athletic program. They are responsible for all of the information that is associated with that athletic program. They make the media’s job easier by being very organized, and are responsible for attending the games and taking notes before sending them to the media outlets (Amico 1). This occupation has many responsibilities and there are many skills needed to be able to handle all of them. To be qualified for the sport information director position, there are a few requirements that must be met. The most important requirement is…show more content…
The process is this quick because the job is very important and needs to be filled quickly, so the many duties and responsibilities can be taken care of as soon as possible. One of the major responsibilities that they will take on is compiling statistics for the teams. They use these statistics and send them to the media so they can look for new stories or trends. By staying on top of trends, SIDs can issue press releases that may help sports reporters or editors with story ideas. When a team receives media coverage, it can help create more interest in the community and at the school (Job Profile: Sports Information Director 1). The statistics generated in the games by the team and the athletes is then compiled into a media guide after it is distributed to the media, another important responsibility an SID has. SIDs accommodate media representatives who cover the various teams by issuing press credentials, supplying in-game statistics, and assisting in coordinating interviews and press conferences (Job Profile: Sports Information Director 1). SIDs can set up media days so the media may access their players and coaches and receive info on them. SIDs are also responsible for updating school website information and promoting the athletes. They keep track of each athlete’s biographical info as well as their statistics so recruiters are able to spot them. Basically the main…show more content…
In the next few years, I would like to gain some experience in any kind of sports management to help build my resume and make me look more appealing to companies. I would like to then gain some more experience in the field by working in Sports Information to really start to understand the job and what I will be responsible for. I would hopefully be able to find a job on campus or nearby that will do just that. In the long run, I would like to find an entry level job out of college, such as an assistant SID or just helping out in an office for an SID to gain knowledge from them. I would like this job to lead me into my own job as an SID, perhaps in a smaller college to try and get the hang of things. After working there for a few years I would eventually like to work in Division I college sports or even professional teams in the NHL or NFL. This would be a huge goal of mine to work closely with professional
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