Importance Of Being Involved In Sports Essay

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“Did you know that female high school athletes are 92% less likely to get involved with drugs? (Sports Statistics)” Kids are less likely to purchase drugs/alcohol because of athletics. Many people disagree with sports, and believe that they’re too dangerous for children to be involved in. Children who participate in sports are at risk to sustain an injury in some way, but kids can receive an injury doing other activities besides sports. Youth sports offer an abundance of fun with minimal risk to their help and teaches them the importance of dedication and respect. Youth participate in all different activities because they enjoy what they’re doing. Just like being involved in other extracurriculars, kids like the competitiveness of the sports and enjoy playing them. Being in sports allows kids to make friends with common interest, and be involved. Sports Statistics stated that, “65% of kids play…show more content…
Kids who are involved in sports are more likely to stay in school and graduate. Graduation should be a main propriety for parents, so that kids can be successful later in life. “Studies have shown that high school athletes have higher grades than non-athletes, lower absentee levels, a significantly smaller percentage of discipline referrals, lower percentages of dropouts, and higher graduation rates (Child Trend).” May colleges want students that were involved in sports. In high school its tough to balance sports and school. Kids that are able to balance the two, are prime candidates for collages. Teenagers are more likely to advance to college. “Female high school athletes are 92% less likely to purchase drugs, and 80% less likely to become pregnant (Sports Statistics).” Child Tends also says “Kids who are involved in sports are three times more likely to graduate.” Three times more likely, three times more likely, that’s
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