Sports Marketer Case Study

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1. Name of Occupation: Sports Marketer

2. Highlights: (Top two things you 'll do in this occupation) 1. Sports marketers are responsible for attracting audiences to games through group ticket sales, bus tours, gift giveaways and other strategies.

2. Sports marketers will also work with product sponsors to promote products and games. For example at a baseball game, sports marketers may work with a baseball bat manufacturing company to give fans free promotional items like baseball bats with corporate logos

3. Nature of the Work: (Brief job description of this occupation) Sports marketers are the people behind the organization of sports events. They are responsible for getting public attention for teams, sponsors and causes,
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Entry level workers make a beginning salary of $30,000, which can grow to $120,000 for more experienced workers. Head marketing specialists, or others of leadership position within this job, can make more than $150,000 per year. This job is generally an advanced version of the sports marketer’s job, for those who are creative and keen researchers. A marketing specialist’s goal is to help companies promote products and services in addition to increasing sales and their company 's public profile. Another major difference between a sports marketer and a marketing specialist, is that marketing specialists focus more on marketing their company’s products and services, rather than getting attention for their company’s sports event. Their tasks include remarketing failing products, creating marketing campaigns for new products and also doing research on the latest trends to create better products and…show more content…
These specialists are responsible for creating, maintaining or improving the public image of a business or a person. Their tasks involve designing and managing publicity campaigns, in addition to planning special events like fundraisers. Essentially, this job puts a bigger emphasis on working with charities, one of the tasks of a sports marketer. Individuals need to have strong interpersonal skills, as they work with many clients, potential clients and charities, to increase the public profile of their company and demonstrate corporate social responsibility. Individuals also need to be persuasive and strategic thinkers, as they are responsible for saving the company’s reputation in the case that the media releases bad news about their company. Entry-level PR specialists make between $25,000 and $45,000 annually, whereas more experienced individuals can make up to $100,000 per year. Depending on their success and the reputation of their companies, individuals can also make more than $100,000 per

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