Sports Metrics In Project Management

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Our take on what the future of the application of sports metrics in project management is that there will be further emphasise placed on sports metrics and it will redefine the way projects will be managed in the future. Although preexistent in project management the methodology of scrum will continue to be a relevant pillar in the relevance of sports metrics in projects. Scrums are a way in which people can come together to tackle a complex issue and also allow creativity and productivity to flourish which is essential in the present business world to allow expression of ideas in order for a business to become unique and gain a competitive advantage in their specified market.

We examined both current and upcoming trends in project management
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Although it doesn’t sound like sports metrics would prove any applicability to any of those practices but we must first define what the practices do within a project. Daily stand-ups: this is a simple way to have an informal meeting. The logic behind behind a stand-up is that the discomfort of having to stand will make the meeting short and to the point. This is essential in project management because in the new age concept of the compression of project management life cycles. This is now a necessity in a business for the reduction of time it takes to get a product to market, it also changes the way that resources are utilised for example the switch from formal meetings to stand-ups could save up to an hour. Iteration planning has three key members, Scrum master, product owner and delivery team. They collaborate together to achieve the end goal of the project. The scrum master facilitates the meeting, the product owner who communicates the demands for the products and what is acceptable criteria and the delivery team lists the tasks and reports how much work must be done for the completion. This process helps all main representatives in the project to detect if the product is developing into what the product owner is demanding. It also enables the delivery team to develop scope to where the project is going. The final…show more content…
Agile project management represents the strategy of having an end goal but no defined processes, this is exactly what every sport builds off. The quote from boxing legend Mike tyson said “Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth” which is exactly what happens in business, no formulated plan will ever perfectly be executed in today’s business world as customer/stakeholders demands change every day. Daily stand-ups are the basic common meeting protocol in sports as there isn’t the time or the necessity for a formal seated meeting and this what will be applicable in the work environment, along with the further development of

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