Sports Persuasive Essay

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Nearly all Americans love sports but is it really worth it. In this generation, competitive sports has become more dangerous than ever sports experts are starting to worry that competitive sports has a more negative effect than a positive effect on children. Most competitive sports can lead to severe injuries, pressure which can lead the youth using illegal drugs, and all the money parents spend on their kids to play sports is ridiculous, and worst of all most children are starting to burn out of sports emotionally and physically.Competitive sports do not have a positive effect on all children because of the cost, pressure/injury, and enjoyment.

Most people can all agree that competitive sports are awesome, most people root for their favorite teams, they bet on it, and best of all it has amazing health benefits. But honestly, all in all, it 's not really worth the cost. Americans spend hundreds of dollars on equipment for no reason. Research from the article high cost of youth sports shows that parents spend at least $671 on average to cover the cost of uniforms and registration fees. Private lessons are a pain in the but, research shows that parents spend $20 million on out-of-school sports. But that’s not all Organized in school sports cost $45 million annually, according to the high cost of youth sports.There is a $5 billion industry just on organized teams, that is unfortunate because anybody could start a neighborhood team/league for free.

The pressure put on children
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