Sports Related Concussions In Sports

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Concussions have always been an issue in sports. Many sports can cause a concussion. However, the main sports are either football or soccer. Most of the coach's in these sports trey to help with the issue but do not fully understand the process of helping. "Thousands of known cases were believed to not even report in 1990" (Sports Journal, 2002). Dr. Goldstein called concussions "a silent epidemic" (Sports Journal, 2002) "An estimated 300,000 sports related concussion occur annually in the U.S., and more then 64,000 of these were football injures"(Sports Journal, 2002). Even though concussions are hard to detect. It is even hard to identify them with out knowing what they are. Idaho sent a questionnaire to all Idaho high school head football coaches.…show more content…
However, some people can almost die like Korf Breckenridge. In 2005 Korf Breckenridge was playing a high school football."Breckenridge limps while walking the sidelines at a football game slurring his words"(Magic Valley, 2011). He was soon taken to the hospital for further testing. Late doctors found out that "Breckenridge suffered 2nd darer impact syndrome, he struggles to remember anything for more then 15 minutes" (Magic Valley, 2011). Secondary impact syndrome is the worst symptom you can receive. What it is, is when you receive a concussion prior to second concussion and can cause permeant brain damage. Years later “in 2010 Breckenridge and his father went to try and pass a bill helping with high school sport concussions" (Magic Valley, 2011). With the help of republican floor sponsor Moyle and "law makers passes only the first leg of the law making mandator concussion training for all youth coaches and required concussion information to players and parents" (Magic Valley, 2011). It seems that Idaho was taking steps to help control the concussion problems. Even though Korf he will be effected for the rest of his life. He did make an impact to help
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