Sports Related Head Injuries

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Playing a physical sport can turn into a traumatic experience if you end up with a concussion in an emergency room. Recent studies by CPSC data, there were an estimated 446,788 sports-related head injuries treated at U.S. hospital emergency rooms in the year of 2009. Sometimes when athletes are focused in their sports, they sometimes forget about the impact they have on another player which causes the other player to be get severely injured. Head injuries are not new to the world of sports – but what is being done to prevent these tragic trauma? The NCAA has implemented a new football helmet with optimism that it will reduce the numbers of concussions and other head injuries throughout the season. The increase in sports-related head injuries…show more content…
For example, the NCAA has created a new football helmet requirement for all football players. According to SB Nation, the NCAA football teams are now required to use a new Riddell SpeedFlex helmet. These new helmets are used to “reduce impact-force transfer to the athlete 's head.” By demanding all football players to wear these new helmets, the NCAA hopes to reduce the number of head injuries and concussions.
Furthermore, informing players on proper safety of the game they are playing can significantly reduce the number of head injuries. For instance, poor coaching can result in a fatal head injury. informs us that “A 2009 study found that high school football players are at greater risk for concussive events in part because they haven 't learned how to tackle correctly.” It is the coaches’ responsibility to educate the players on proper ways to complete these physical actions witho ut putting themselves of another player in risk of getting seriously injured. By accurately training young players to play more cautious, the number of sports-related head injured will
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It is important to raise awareness of sports-related head injuries to prevent traumatic accidents from happening. By using correct protection such as the most efficient helmets, athletes are able to have a safer contact when they play football. Having proper coaching and being taught how to correctly play a respective sport will also help reduce the number of tragic head injures while playing a sport. The rules of all sports are constantly developing in order to ensure a more secure game. We are definitely stepping in the right direction of avoiding sports-related head injuries.

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