Sports Related Injuries

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Ever since sports were established, sports-related injuries have become a prevalent issue and a common concern for people who deal with sports medicine. Depending on the type of sports-related injury that occurred, some effects include severe joint pain, sudden swelling, tenderness, weakness and aching. Injuries that have been known to have these effects include torn achilles tendons, concussions, hamstring strains, and ankle sprains. Also dependent on the type of injury that occurred, is preventive procedures which will be discussed in this literature review. Likewise, categorization of body paragraphs will also be based upon the form of sports-related injury and how common it is. The information provided in these _9_ sources can be…show more content…
Hamstring strains are common because of the popularity of sports such as football, baseball, soccer, cheerleading, and gymnastics that involve sprinting, kicking, and quick or sudden movements which are causes of hamstring strains according to Mackarey and Sherry. Both authors provide procedures that hinder hamstring strains from happening when playing sports, which is necessary for lowering the amount of sports-related injuries. Training programs are known as an effective way of preventing hamstring strains, however, each author favors a different type of program. Mackarey includes a training program that is proven to be effective, particularly in athletes. It contains activities designed to enhance lower body capabilities. This training program involves vigorous training, weight-lifting, warming up, cooling down, stretching and agility training. After using this training program for a considerable amount of time, endurance and strength of the leg muscles should increase which will assist athletes in maintaining their health. Mackarey’s program differs from Sherry 's program drastically. Both programs involve exercise, but have distinct training styles. Mackarey’s program contains forceful training which improves strength and endurance, whereas Sherry’s program implements running drills and sport-specific training which…show more content…
Rates for achilles tendon tears are not decreasing any, they are only increasing. This is why people in the field of sports medicine are determined to find solutions to reduce the annual amount of dangerous sports-related injuries, such as a torn achilles tendon, which is an injury that affects the back of the lower leg and usually results from sports-related causes. Some of these causes include quick acceleration or deceleration, landing awkwardly, fatigue, tendonitis and lack of exercising or stretching according to Benjaminse and Hall. All of which force the achilles tendon to stretch or tear. For Benjaminse, fatigue plays the biggest role in causing an achilles tendon tear. When an athlete is fatigued during while playing a sport, they are more likely to have limited control over neuromuscular junction which causes the athlete to have ill-advised movement patterns. Benjaminse’s idea to achilles tendon injuries that are caused by fatigue is to implement implicit motor learning. “The decreased capacity for controlling body movements after fatigue will potentially be more prominent when appropriate landing techniques have been taught in an explicit manner”. (Benjaminse) Motor learning consists of an athlete repetitively performing a certain movement that is often executed in sports. Once this is completed, the mirror neurons will learn catch on to the mimicry and the
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