Sports Team Observation

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The importance and purpose of this assignment is to observe and analyze the behaviors of athletes and teams in their natural sport setting.

I observed the UC Davis Men’s Basketball game on the evening of 01/14/2016 against California State University, Northridge. The setting was very loud and you could feel the atmosphere was filled with school spirit.

1. I have not witnessed an NCAA Athletic competition in basketball or any sport prior to attending this basketball game.
2. All athletes prior to the start of the competition participated in warm up exercises and drills including a lay up drill. Some of the athletes, presumably the captains spoke with the game officials along with the captains of the opposing team. Additionally
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The athletes were affected by the crowd behavior and in fact seemed to feed off the positive energy from the crowd when they cheered louder and made defensive chants. The fans cheered more for the home team. However, there was a crowd for the away team but it was much smaller.
8. The team would work together especially on defense to help each other when the opposing player would get by a defender on defense a teammate would slide over to help them and then recover to guard the player they were originally defending. The teams would also work together by communicating on the court especially during defense.
9. The movement skills I observed of athletes were their extraordinary jumping ability and agility to move with the ball. During warm ups many athletes would dunk the ball during the layup drill. During the game I observed how quick the point guards would get past defenders and also how fast the defenders recovered on defense.

Conclusion: In conclusion the overall importance of this assignment was to observe and analyze the behaviors of athletes and teams in their natural sport setting. I believe observing this men’s basketball game has taught me a lot. Through observations, I learned that the amount of time and dedication the athletes and teams put into and in preparation for a game and sport in general is
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