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This past week, Josh Norman, an immensely popular and talented football player, became a free agent and decided to sign with a new team. That new team just happened to be the Washington Redskins, who rewarded him with a guarantee of over 50 million dollars. What I don’t understand, however, is how a professional sports team is called the ‘Redskins’. Growing up, I have always been a huge fan of sports, both as a spectator and a participant. Starting in the 7th grade, we were required to wear a shirt and tie to school the day of a game. This was required for all the sports teams I played on, which included basketball and baseball. I was always curious as to why we had to dress up so nicely for games, and I always received the same response from my coach; when we play other schools, we are representing our school and what it means to be a student there. Thus, in order to be a strong representation, we must be well-dressed (among numerous things), to highlight our commitment to seriousness. Our sports teams were directly affiliated with our school, and we wanted to do our best to be valuable community members. This brings me to my next point because as my…show more content…
However, there doesn’t seem to be much change. This is beginning, for me, to become a question of ‘why?’. Why is that I am still such a big fan of a league that doesn’t punish players too badly for crimes? Or a league that seems to ignores the offence it has given to many around the country? This, of course, is all personal. I don’t blame people for being fans of the NFL. I love football, but I think I am starting to become more aware. Because if this doesn’t change, this just continues to represent our nation. It says America doesn’t care too much about domestic violence, or that America doesn’t care too much about others’ feelings. I don’t think that’s true, yet that is just how the NFL is starting to paint

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