Sports: The Importance Of Concussions In Professional Sports

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Concussions and the affects and awareness on the topic
“In recent years, concussions have received significant media attention as high profile athletes have come forward to shear their experiences and long-term struggles with this specific type of traumatic brain injury. 10% of head and spinal cord injuries are due to sports related activities (Staffary).” As the popularity of sports grow so does the amount of spinal cord and brain injuries. In the recent years, concussions have received significant amount of media attention. High profile athletes have finally come forward to shear their experiences with concussions and the long term effects and struggles with that particular type of traumatic brain injury. Life long effects are not just true
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As sports and our culture evolve, the techniques of playing and coaching the activities improve. Today, there are more participants, both men and women, in recreational and organized sports. Players are bigger, stronger, and faster than their predecessors. The desire to win at all levels of competition, the number of college scholarships available, and the money professional athletes are making have created an environment more conducive for athletic injuries. With the new awareness and media attention being paid to such injuries, sport-related concussion is starting to become a big deal because people usually aren't educated on the long term effects and how it can impact you in the future, yes playing professional sports in a good career path and yes it does involve a lot of money but what is the point of making all that money if you aren’t even gonna be able to use it because you’re mentally disabled. People don’t think long term when they get injured especially athletes they think get me healthy and get me back out there not how is this going to affect me when I’m retired. Not very many athletes think for themselves they let their coach, manager or trainer do the thinking. Prevention of all serious concussions is unrealistic particularly in contact sports, After you go a concussion you are 3 times more
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