Sports Violence Analysis

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Sports Violence mash-up
Sports Violence, a mash-up created by Jim Lazor, is an almost five-minute video that aims at showing how bringing up violence during game time is not only unbecoming but also immature. Though not very long, this clip has efficiently as well as effectively been able to boldly depict sports violence as an inhuman act that all athletes and fans who get involved in it should be ashamed of and those who haven’t tried it yet should avoid. The clip has also helped erase the typical belief by people that the occasional outbursts are okay since it’s just a game that involves a lot of physical contact.
The clip starts with a black screen and shouting from fans in the background. Some powerful words in white are then displayed on the black screen in parts. The white bold writing on the black screen is used to place more emphasis on the message in the words since the blending between the two colors is just perfect. Every part lasts around six seconds after which it disappears by becoming faint then the next part closely follows. The message is about how many people have always thought that the outbursts are a normal part of the game but it is crucial to know where to draw the line between competitive aggression and outright violence.
On the twenty third second, the
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Dr. Jarrod Spencer claims that it might prove to be very difficult for the players to follow all the rules while in the game. However, just like the players focus on playing and trying their best to win, they should also try their best to not attack fellow players. Fans should also not tolerate this behavior too. A game is just a game, and there will always be winners and losers in the end. Fans should fully understand this and just enjoy the game. If things get tough and someone gets hurt, the fans should definitely discourage that. As Winston says, “It is a hundred percent
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