Macro Economic Analysis Of Nike

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This report discusses the performance of selected sportswear industry in UK and India over the period from 2007 to 2014. The selected sportswear company is Nike. This explains how macroeconomic policy and two elements of the business environment have impacted the industry as a whole and the major companies within the industry such as political, technological, social and international trade (imports and exports) during the 2007 to 2014 period. This paper also illustrates the ability to recognise the dynamic business environment of two different countries such as UK and India. Furthermore, this business report will explain and analyse the impact of recent macroeconomic and financial developments on business.
Factors Influence the
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In the view of Chibba (2013), in UK, the company has faced many controversies with regard to its CSR position in international value chain. It is identified that the company has followed industrial code as well as outsource its labor due to low wages in emerging nations. According to Ciochetto (2013), Nike on the global level took labor ad working condition and has been brought under discussion in front of majority people. The company entered in the Indian market by offering its sporting goods manufacturing business for 26 years in order to accomplish $1 billion in sales in India. This identifies that India has accounted for 8% to 9% of international market share. On the other hand, it is also identified that Nike opened various retail stores in UK every year in order to have an effective way which solve the unemployment situation in the country. On the other hand, the company gets strong support from the Indian…show more content…
This is adequate to cover completely three thousand and five hundred football fields, or take ten laps around the Earth. Of all items intended to utilise polyester, is 19% of reused material. In monetary year 2013, 43% were utilised to over articles of clothing to reused polyester than in financial year 2012. The architects of Nike have the devices to fuse best materials in their outlines, utilising the Sustainability Index which Nike measure four criteria: waste, water, vitality and chemicals. It is conceivable to discover reused polyester in an assortment of items: ladies' trousers (legend gasp), breeches (brief time) in even national soccer groups' units (which are produced using a normal of 18 plastic reused bottles each). Additionally, it takes note of that Nike's practices not just result in lower and higher gainfulness costs and additionally more effective procedures, not so much waste but rather more imaginative items and all the more brave outlines in addition to incredible advantage to nature in both countries (Leavy,

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