Speech About Friendship

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How To Spot Fake Friendships

Mark Twain, the renowned humorist, once said,” Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life”. And only a nincompoop would disagree to the same. Through the centuries, the mankind has evolved, yet the definition of friendship hasn’t changed. Allegiance ,candor ,love; friendships still work on these conditions. Melodramatic motion pictures, Pop songs, Prominent personalities, everyone have had their fair share of opinion on friendship. What is friendship? What is the crux of a true friendship? Why do some friendship last and some don’t?, one could go on and on about such trivial yet poignant questions. For my readers, I’ve conceived an unfussy and a straightforward answer to this complicated
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But in all honesty genuine friends are just there for you, not for all the benefits that come along with you. Just because you spend some quality time with a person, it does not mean that they are your sincere friends, sincere friends are the one’s who stay with you throughout the end. Good, bad , tragic , crazy , they tend to savour every moment.
We are humans, and at the end of the day we are social beings. We all need someone to rely on, someone who can hear us out and get the depth of our despair as well as happiness. So, you know they are not your heartfelt friends when they don’t hear you out. If they just want to be a part of your happy and ecstatic memories, they aren’t genuine friends. It’s important for us to clearly distinguish between acquaintances and friends. Friends aren’t supposed to be admirers, who judge by the cover of the book. They need to be acquainted with each and every page of you.
At the end of the day, your heart will always lead the way. Fervent friends will always give out positive vibes. Your heart will open up, like a sunflower before the sun, you’ll give yourself to them. You’ll look into their soul and they’ll look into yours. And truth shall be revealed to you. So look closely, are they your real friend or not? Or merely just a player in your
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