Spousal Vs Domestic Violence

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The topic my group chose is spousal homicide. In spousal homicide we cannot say how we can help the victim or try to solve their problem because the victim is already dead. A step before or what leads spousal homicide is domestic violence or spousal abuse. There for this next few paragraphs will be talking about what is domestic violence or spousal abuse, why spousal abuse happens, why the victims stay with their abuser and how we can help those victims from domestic violence/ spousal abuse.
What is domestic violence or spousal abuse?
Domestic violence is when someone goes against your will. In domestic violence or spousal abuse physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and other abusive behavior are involved. In domestic violence there is
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The large spouse abuse happens because men batter their spouse and got away with it. In one of Frank M. Ochberg, M.D. article he said violent aggression is part of human, and among humans, the dangerous violators are overwhelmingly male. Also males outnumber females in murderers, assaulters, sexual abusers and every other category of violent criminal activity. He also said the mammalian brain has sex-linked differences associating aggression and male gender. The male hormone, testosterone, is implicated in violent behavior. The reason spousal abuse happens is because the male of our species, for many reasons has an aggressive behavior and they often find them expressing that aggression on their family or partner. The spouse abuse has been part of historical roots. If you go through history women always have been bought and sold and bartered, denied education, ownership of a land, and also they not full partners in owning and controlling the most of the businesses or institutes around the world. There some cultures out there that permit more suppressing or threats to women than do others cultures. Some cultures that think use of force on women will show the status of the male. There are some are some males teach other males to slap their wife/ women to keep them in control, according to Frank M. Ochberg, M.D abuse is…show more content…
If all of us get together we can accomplish anything like back in the days drinking and driving was normal but at one point when people decided that driving and driving was dangerous and it should stop. Now there are some serious penalties for drinking and driving. In the similar way if we need to solve domestic violence we need to educated, provide violence prevention programs and some strong consciences from criminal justice system can bring end to domestic violence. There is a research that show violence prevention works. It shows high school students who have taken violence prevention programs it help them a lot because even after the program students experienced long-term benefits. Some of the benefits are to have better dating relationships, able to detect if the need to leave their relationship if it is unhealthy relationship, and also increased self-confidence and leadership (Canadian women’s foundation, 2015). There are some places where these victims can go there to attend their programs. If they feel they don’t want to go in person or they are scared to leave their house then they can contact and get help through the phone. One of the big facilities that help victim of abuse is Canadian women’s foundation that provide programs for women so suffer from domestic violence or spousal abuse. Also there are more like Redwood, India rainbow community services of peel and many
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