Essay On The Importance Of Spouse's Employment

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Importance Of Spouse's Employment

Military spouses have been and continue to be the backbone of military families. They do sacrifice their career to support the service member and the children. In the modern society where everything is expensive, every spouse feels the need to help their sponsor, since those cannot do any other job along side the military due the deployments and unsteady schedule at work. Thus, having an extra income can only balance the household expenses and cover the extra money needed every month instead taking loans and accumulating debts that will end up messed up their credits and even they will end up with a bankruptcy. Furthermore, for spouses, getting a job and maintaining a career is beneficial to their own families and communities in the long run. Research has shown over and over that steady employment leads to more
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Dual-income families are the norm in America now, and military families are no different. A second income helps cover expenses that families must bear when they move or travel. And some military families, particularly junior-ranking families who fall among the 60%+ who live off of installations, need a second income to make ends meet. Steadily employed spouses will help the country transition its young heroes to the civilian workforce. Especially, for spouses’ living out of the U.S it is crucial that they find a career that meet their education and experiences because they are being ask to change their lifestyle with their family to adjust to the traditions, rules and regulation of their new duty station. Knowing how the service member’s salaries are only enough for bills and food. With that being said, spouses should be given the opportunity to financially support their sponsors, have a career and have the same opportunity civilian have. Some research has showed that families with two incomes have lesser chance
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