Spread Of American Identity Essay

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America has never created a large expanding empire like Great Britain or the Spain yet it’s influence and culture can be seen in almost the entire world. America can spread its influence through its markets and the people make a correlation between the two. America’s markets have made the American identity clear to the world, capitalism. Everything that we do revolves around capitalism, history and Business proves this to be true. Following World War I, the U.S and Russia were in a tense states regarding each other. More importantly America felt its identity under attack. Russia’s communist parties created fear in panic throughout the entire U.S. America feared the communist ideals were spreading to itself and “all strikes during the next…show more content…
We have jokingly related America and fast food chains together but there is a reason for it. Near I live there is a McDonalds, 10 minutes away there is another and another. Business such as Mcdonald 's are embodiments of American capitalism and culture. When we see these fast food restaurants in other countries they are spreading our identity over the world. In Jessica Naudziunas’ article “Where in the World Are there No McDonald 's?” we can see my history teacher 's point being shown. She wrote ”The company has 34,480 restaurants in 119 countries, including Cuba and France, where it 's especially beloved”. In regards to Mcdonald’s and the American Identity “the fast food industry has helped to transform not only the American diet, but also our landscape, economy, workforce, and popular culture” (Schlosser, Fast Food Nation). This quote shows that not only do others see our business as an identity but we see it ourselves. With American Capitalism expanding we are also spreading our identity. Our capitalist business has become synonymous with our identity not only to ourselves but the entire
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