Spread Of English Language Essay

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There is no doubt that today; English language is being used in almost all the countries of the world for different purposes. The people of non-native English speakers use English language in daily communications. A large amount of people in the world use English as their first language, while the remaining use it as their 2nd language. The reason that people are more willing to learn this language is that the Internet’s language is English and Internet is something where we can find anything we want to. Thus everyone wants to learn English language to fulfill his or her needs through Internet. It is also used in the songs of different-language countries. It’s also used in international political meetings and agreements (Johnson 131). In some countries, English is used in for academic purposes at every field, e.g. in Kabul Medical University, they teach medical in English language and it’s a proud for them than to teach it in their own national language. Although the mentioned facts are the reasons how English language spread around the world, we can’t ignore other effects of the spread of this language as imperialism. English language was also spread imperially in some countries of the world in which it remained for a long time and then the people…show more content…
As the world is globalizing, we need a global language to communicate. English language has been selected as an international language. Although the spread of English language is often linked to be due to global forces, (Gaffey) states that it is a form of western imperialism. Hence, English language has proven to be the main source of communication worldwide, yet it has affected many other languages in the world and has diminished many other languages. Meanwhile, the spread of the English language can be sourced as the entrance of English language into the political, economical, technological and institutions around the world (Gaffey
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