Spread Of Islam Dbq

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The creation of Islam in the Middle East and its future spread to the other parts of the world beginning in the 600s allowed for diverse and powerful societies to be formed with the monotheistic religion being either the foundation or a major influence. With Islam’s large spread across Africa, Asia, Europe, and continual spread in the Middle East, empires like al-Andalusia and Ghana arose in the West and the Ottoman and Mughal arose in the Eastern part of the world. Islamic beliefs and values shaped these empires similarly to how Christianity became the leading influence in Europe. Moorish rule in the Western Muslim society of Spain lasted for seven hundred years and clean and lavish cities created under their rule served as a contrast to the…show more content…
For example, Akbar the Great of the Mughal dynasty conducted interviews with scholars of Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian backgrounds to learn about each religion’s foundation, reasoning, and secrets (doc 2). As a result, Akbar who believed that discovering the truth is the main goal of humanity couldn 't be determined without the acknowledgement of other religions, including the native people in India and without the initiative to want to learn about them. Akbar’s respect of other religions caused the religions to further develop in the empire. Allowing these religions to develop caused for new ideas to grow and leaders used them to improve their rule. In addition, Suleiman the Magnificent, a leader of the Ottoman Empire, gave individuals government positions based on their character and abilities to complete their tasks and not their wealth or their parentage (doc 3). Consequently, Suleiman developed a good reputation in the eyes of the public, as they were able to gain power in society for only being a moral individual. Furthermore, the Delhi Sultanate allowed for Hindus to work government jobs, weren’t forced to pay the expensive jizya tax bestowed upon by other major Western Muslim empires, and were able to support the economy in their partake in the job system (OI). As a result,…show more content…
For example, the Ottoman Empire controlled the land surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and the Baltic Sea thus was a part of a large sea trade network (doc 4). As a result, ideas and inventions were spread to this empire that improved people’s lives. Additionally, the Ottoman’s sphere of influence increased as well as they came in contact with other civilizations and further spread Islam. Furthermore, their economy grew and became wealthier as a larger amount of goods were entering the market and there was an increase in the exchange of products due to trade with multiple other empires. In addition, eastern coastal African towns like Mozambique, Zimbabawe, and Mogadishu were located along the sea network that connected India, Arabia and Africa, where exotic goods like animal skins, gold, and ivory were traded (doc 10b). Consequently, coastal towns became wealthy from their control of certain parts of the network allowed them to tax merchants for sailing there and from the various goods entering the growing market. Additionally, the Delphi Sultanate controlled a trade network linking together India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and China, where different goods like spices entered the economy (OI). As a result, people’s cultures changed as new goods that entered empires
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