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The religion of Islam spread rapidly through the seventh and eighth century. Islam and the religion is interconnected with the Muslims. There were many internal and external reasons for the rise of Islamic religion. The spread of Islam began happening at a rapid pace after the death of Muhammad. In the book The Making of the West the authors said, “He died in 632, he was recognized as the one God of the Jews and Christians and he believed he was the last prophet of God” (Hunt, pg. 240). The studying and expanding of Islamic beliefs caused the spread of Islamic religion. Some of the causes of the spread of Islam is: the strength of the Muslim military and techniques, the internal divisions of Islam enemies, the strength of their economy and culture, and the death of their prophet Muhammad.
The spread of Islam was one of the most sudden movements found in history today. An internal reason for the spread of Islam in the 7th and 8th century is: the strength of the Muslim military and techniques. During this time period the Muslims were
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Internal divisions consisted of the wars between Byzantium and the Sassanids. The Byzantines and the Sassanids were at constant war over land. The armies had similar techniques and technologies. In an article called Sassanids vs. Byzantines it states, “The Byzantines, and their Roman predecessors had by this time adopted the Persian heavy cavalry and the Sassanids had adopted Roman style siege warfare and standing army” (Sassanids vs Byzantines, pg. 4). The strenuous battles and wars between the two sides led to the weakening of their armies. Because of this when the Arabs invaded both the Byzantines and Sassanids were both to weak to fight back against the Arabs. The Arabs then took over the Byzantium Empire and pushed the Sassanids back to Anatolia which gained the Islamic world more land and the spread of their religion and

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