Spread Of The Plague In Russia

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Neither Napoleon nor Hitler ever succeeded in conquering Russia. In fact, no human has ever taken Russia. This role was filled by a disease know by many names such as The Plague, The Black Plague, Bubonic Plague, and The Black Death. During the plague era three things affected it: the spread, having the plague and how it affected the world. There are multiple different means of spreading the plague. One of the main contagions for the plague is bacteria. The deadly plague, or Yersinia Pestis, evolved from a ground dwelling bacteria (Dobson 8). This bacterium thrives in filthy areas, like rat dwellings (Dobson 10). While living in these rat dens the bacteria had to find a place to thrive more, and that was inside the rats, which then where…show more content…
For instance an attacking army launched infected corpses via catapult over walls of the city they were trying to take siege on in hopes that the smell would make them flee. In reality all they did was kill off most of the city by infecting them all with the plague (Dobson 13). No one realized that before an outbreak of the plague, many rats died. The connection between rats and the plague was made only a century or so ago die to advances in science and technology (“Plague” 1). Sometimes the plague goes from being bubonic to pneumonic, meaning it was able to be spread from person to person in the air via droplets from their lungs (“Plague” 1). Most people who died from the plague were poor people because they didn’t have enough money to leave the city before catching the plague (Dobson…show more content…
One way of working on treating it was the discovery that rats carried it, this cause a mass control of the rat population, which in turn made the plague much less common (“Plague” 1). A more recent discovery was the invention of a vaccination to fight against the plague and make it very hard to contract, although it is still a bit common in poorer countries (“Plague Occurs”). One of the first effective methods of preventing plague was making all arriving ships wait off shore for X amount of days until the plague would have passed (Dobson 10). This was known as ‘quarantine’ and is a method still used today (“Plague
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