Spread Your Legs And Smile Analysis

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1. Summary of ”Spread Your Legs and Smile”. Shashi Tharoor wrote the article ”Spread Your Legs and Smile” in 2004, and in this article she writes about her felling going through security checks in airports. Shashi describes herself as being a frequent flier since the age of six. She tells us that she has always felt confident in airports, but after 9/11 things has changed. She thinks that the security checks today have gone too far. She fells the security guards suspect everyone, a she even refers to a story about one her colleagues handicapped boy. This handicapped boy needed an oxygen tank to fly, but the security guards suspected that the boy was smuggling in poison gas. Beside the fact that Shashi fells the security guards suspect everyone,…show more content…
Air Safety” also written back in 2002 by Elisa Ben-Rafael. The article is about the lack of security right after the 9/11 attack, and Elisa felling’s about that nobody has taken this serious. Elisa is saying in her article that the security standards in America compared to her home country, Israel, are very low. But when it comes to frisking, Elisa feels the same as Shashi Tharoor - Humiliating. She believes that the security guard needs instructions on how to treat passenger’s right. 3. Comment on the following statement: “Frisking the flight crews in front of the passengers is downright foolish. It only makes the passengers feel unsafe” Personally I have started to feel the same way about going through security checks in airports as Shashi Tharoor on some points, but that doesn’t mean that I do agree with the statement. Because personally I feel safer every time I fly and I can see that all the members of the different flight crews are also being frisked. So I feel that by frisking the flight crews, in front of the passengers it makes them feel safer, not unsafe. Because why should flight crewmembers be able to board the flight without security check? Because aren’t there any chance that maybe one flight crewmember could be a terrorist in the disguise to? Personally I do not always feel that the suspect of danger should be put on us fly passengers

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