Spring Break Benefits

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It would seem that the spring break cities benefit a lot from the students. However, their presence in the Florida towns was more like a two-edged sword. While they boosted the economy they also created many problems the locals were (and some still are) unhappy with. Due to the damages created by spring breakers, this forced the hands of the local governments to create new laws regarding the drinking age and so the students have sought other places for their free week. Many other locales such as in Arizona and Palm Springs, Mexico and the Bahamas have enveloped the lifestyle of the spring breakers and have gone on to incorporate planned activities such as scuba diving, sporting events and trips to theme parks.

Some of the costs a city
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Students do not spend money. They have their parent’s money to spend but only if they are lucky. Most of them are broke and that is why they tend to share motel rooms, cramming 5 or more people in each room. Most, if not all, of them are on spring break for the fun, the sex, the drinking and the sun. They’re not concerned with expensive eating out. They want the most they can get for their dollars. While they may buy souvenirs, they won’t want to spend money on high priced knick-knacks to take back home. My town would be far better off catering to families on their spring breaks. Families like to spend money, they want to remember their trips, so they’re likely to buy more things. They have many mouths to feed and the money to spend on feeding them so it’s more likely they will spend their money on good restaurants. The adults having their drinks at the bar will buy the nicer labels and not load up on the cheap stuff. Finally, inviting students versus inviting families is a simple matter. The students increase arrests and make the area less safe, they tend to get involved in drunken destruction of property, two things the families don’t participate in. So, no, I would never be in favor of attracting college students to my
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