Spring Concert Review Essay On Dance Performance

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The Spring Concert set stage in Barnett Theater. It showcased 12 distinctive pieces from Ohio State dancers. None of the pieces were coherent with each other, but were each uniquely intriguing on their own. Among all the dances, specifically three stood out to me. Those dances were: Worn To Shards Of My Own Accord by Josh Anderson, I am, and I’m by Anna Vomacka, and Wind and Water by Madeline Mazzola. Worn To Shards of My Own Accord was a solo piece performed by Anthony Milian. The set-up consisted of lighting from above illuminating a square, which became the stage. The music of the dance was a “pulse-y”, vibe sound with another repetitive whirling noise; almost like a marble rolling through a metal funnel. The sound echoed throughout the dance and fragments of static faded in and out. The sole dancer utilized the entire floor and moved his body at…show more content…
At the beginning, the dancers were clumped into groups performing independently. The music of the routine was a series of voices from thoughts and words from different people. The dance gradually developed a quicker pace, as the sounds of the voices became faster and full sentences pieced together. At the end of the performance, the music stopped and each dancer stood across the stage individually making a movement, then stating the phrase, “I’m (name) and I am (blank)” along with their own move. When they were finished, the audience finished the dance by participating with the phrase. This dance resonated with me as it reflects on my experience at Ohio State. The voices of the music reminded me of walking around campus and over hearing conversations from people I pass. It prompted me to think how easy it is to lose our own identity within the amount of people, groups, and events happening on our campus. Yet, through the slight chaos of crowds and strong diverse opinions on campus, how it is important to hold up to our individual
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