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Missing someone who has left you and waiting seasons after seasons for them to return. The song ‘Spring Day’ by BTS is about missing a friend or a loved one and waiting for winter to end so that they can meet each other once spring comes. Always chasing each other but not being able to meet. A message to show their affection, even after parting.

I found this song “Spring Day’ a depressing song because the melody of the song is slow and it sounds emotional even though it 's in a different language. Without thinking much of the meaning, it has already affected me with the alluring melody and heavenly vocals. Once I 've read the lyrics I was overwhelmed with emotions. The lyrics “You know it all. You’re my best friend. The sun will rise
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Though it may not necessarily talk about the affection towards a girl, about a strong bond between friends. From the MV, it gives a different perspective to the song which could mean a death of a friend, perhaps from suicide. “Yeah, I hate you. You left me but I never stopped thinking about you” the lyrics hints that a friend has passed away or committed suicide. I mean, why would you hate someone who has passed away? It 's most likely due to the person choosing to end her life, somehow experiencing an unfair death. The audience would relate, especially to the younger generations, who experience anger when grieving the unfortunate passing of a loved one. The youth suffer from the pressure of school and expectations from family. This misery has led to numerous suicides in order to break free from the burdens of life. With this in mind, students have second thoughts about killing or hurting themselves and be wary of their friends who might be dealing with this kind of situations. I admit that I have thoughts of ending my life due to the pressure of school and social expectations. But since I am quite religious, I believe that we are not qualified to take away our lives for whatever reasons. Only God has the authority to do that. This prevented me from further self-harm. This song has helped me to love myself and that someone would suffer once I leave and it pains me to watch my loved one 's experience

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