Spring Placement Reflection

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As I we wrap up my spring student teaching placement and inch closer to getting my own classroom, I know feel like I have a better idea of what kind of educator I will be. My spring placement has certainly thrown me some curveballs however, the experience incredibly valuable. I have learned so much about the profession and so much about me. When it came to writing this reflection, one thing that popped into my mind was to look at my Pedagogical Creed that I wrote over the summer in our Methods class. I wrote my creed back in July when I did not have classroom teaching experience. Not to my surprise, my first attempt to theorize what I felt being a social studies teacher was has changed quite significantly in just about a year 's time. There 's no doubt that my experiences in both my fall placement and spring placements have altered my theory a great deal. When I wrote my creed I noticed that I tended to focus a great deal on how the teacher would be the central figure in my pedagogy. By all means the teacher in the classroom a…show more content…
Many of the teachers and parents of students at my placement school are well connected and are able to set up their students with community service projects that most students within the city would not be able to access. For example, my CT was a former lawyer and had really strong connections and was able to set up one our students with an internship with a criminal defense law firm, this was an opportunity that many college students and even law students would cherish. This raises the question of equity again since many students within the city would love to do similar things however, they do not have the resources or connections available to be set up with similar organizations. When it comes to the ever competition college application process, community service experiences similar to this give my students a leg up on their

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