Springtime Distinctively Visual Analysis Essay

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ArtPrize Assignment 2 The piece of I choose from ArtPrize 2015 is called Springtime, by Craig Crossey. It is a two dimensional, acrylic painting. The piece of art is a depiction of a farm, which includes a building and a set of mattress springs, both which are rusty (Berends, 2015). Springtime has many of the composition basic elements that create unity with the use of art principles. The lines that are used in this piece are different in many ways; they are orientated horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The lines are also a combination of curved and straight lines to create distinct shapes. The shapes most evident in the artwork are organic in nature as compared to geometric shapes. Space use creates the illusion of depth in this art…show more content…
The shadows and the detail of the mattress springs help the painting keep my eyes flowing over the entire piece of art. The repetition I notice is the springs being similarly shaped and the lines of the corrugated steel on the side of the building. The emphasis for me flows between the mattress springs and the rusty siding along with the two places of shadow keep my eyes moving. Springtime has lots of elaboration and that is able to be noticed by the fact that I originally thought the piece was a photograph. Harmony of this piece is good because there is nothing to specific in the exact middle and there seems to be the two-thirds full, one-third empty idea, even though the entire piece has something in it. The shadows probably represent roughly one-third of the space but I feel that is negative space yet has something in it (Detrick, “Art Composition”). This should be considered high art because it follows many of the principles and basic elements of art composition. There are lines than create shapes, there is color that has value and there is the illusion of texture of rust. There is a sense of balance and repetition. There is the emphasis on the rust and the simpleness of the setting. The elaboration of the rust and detail of the wood planks is intense. The harmony and proportion makes the whole painting
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