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f there is a fire in an aircraft hangar what would put it out? Some would say that automatic sprinklers would do the job or some would say that the fire department would as well. Those answers are both true, but not only are they fitted with a sprinkler system they can also have a low expansion foam system, or a high expansion foam system. Due to the fact that hangars are big and is enclosed they use high expansion foam systems to quickly put out the fire. There are four types of hangars and depending on the type of hangar you have that would tell you what type of suppression system is need for the hangar. That is due to hangars being used for different uses other than storing aircrafts. The standard on aircraft hangars is located in NFPA 409, ( National Fire Protection Agency 409). This standard is common in hangars that have air crafts stored in them. Hangars have expensive equipment, expensive aircrafts, fuel for aircrafts, and other uses as well. Fire protection…show more content…
It is also used in ship holds, hazardous material and waste storage areas, flammable liquid drum storage areas, flammable liquid packaging areas, and for warehouse area’s that have: Boat storage, storage of combustible materials, tire storage, and rolled paper. The system upon detection or manually pulled will fill the room with foam and will quickly smoother the fire. The standard that has the requirements for design of a high expansion foam system is located in NFPA 11 chapter 6. The hazards that a high expansion foam system protects against is ordinary combustibles, flammable and combustible liquids, and liquified natural gas. It can put out both flammable or combustible liquids and ordinary combustibles at the same time. The type of system used is a total flooding system which means that it can fill the whole room. The high expansion foam system will flood the room entirely in less than 14 minute quickly filling all the spaces in a

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