Sprits Surround Me Analysis

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In the beginning of the movie, the first example that applies the “box” concept of the film is the scene where Francis and a man are sitting on a bench, having a discussion in the middle of a garden. The use of mise en scene is the setting of the place because it is unreal and the tribute entrance of one of the characters Jane. Her movements and gestures is like ghost that is all dressed in white. One of the first sentences portrayed in this film is, “Sprits surround me”. Straightaway we feel the tension and suspense all around us. The lighting in this scene is dark, shadowy and mysterious, but there is light glowing from the characters faces.
The second example that applies the “box” concept is the scene when Alan is murdered. The use of mis en scene in this scene is implied through setting and lighting. The scene before is when Alan gets his fortune from Cesar; it foreshadows Alan’s death and who was going to kill him. This scene displays Alan sleeping and Cesar kills him with a knife. Cesar isn’t shown, but we see his shadow. We see his dark shadow appear over Alan’s white, smooth lean bed. The setting in this scene focuses on Cesar killing Alan in a shadowy figure. The lighting is displayed on
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Hoping to find Cesar, Francis realizes that the director of the asylum is none other than Dr. Cagliari. Later on in the film, we find out that both Francis and Cesar are patients in the insane asylum. The use of mis en scene is portrayed through the setting and lighting of this scene. The setting of the scene is set in the insane asylum, so suspense and paranoid starts to build up. The lighting of the scene brings out the setting and through the use of the characters. The lighting is portrayed as a vivid, dark and mystery all around. The insane asylum is meant to be mysterious and uncomfortable when a visitor
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