Spritzer Berhad Case Study

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Part II Knowledge and overall understanding of the client’s business Nature of the entity and business operations Spritzer Berhad is the largest bottled water manufacturer in Malaysia. It manufactured and provides several types of bottled water to consumers such as natural mineral water, distilled drinking water, carbonated and non carbonated drinks, sparking water and also drinking water. Besides that, Sprtzer Berhad also known as the top of the manufacturer list which produce the toothbrush in West Malaysia. AWARDS Spritzer Berhad had sold its product in Malaysia and also overseas. However, 90% of the total product are sold in locally and only 10% of the product will be sold it to overseas. The products will be sold to Singapore, Maldives, Cambodia, Guam and Hong Kong. Investment Spritzer Berhad had made an investment in China and start operation the business on November 2015. Spritzer Berhad had introduced, manufactured and selling the products to the consumers in Guangzhou,China. As we known that China is the second largest economy country in the world so Spritzer Berhad aim to invest in China. A country’s population will affect an investment’s volume growth. As the population is higher , the opportunity to earn more profit from the investment is more higher. The business that operated under company subsidiary called it as Spritzer(Guangzhou) Trading Ltd. However, Spritzer ( Guangzhou) Trading Ltd had successfully obtain license from China’s government and the

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