Sproles And King Fashion Theory

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As suggested by Sproles and King (1973), contemporary research on fashion is focused on two key market segments ,the fashion innovators which are the consumers of the new style, fashion and trend, and the fashion opinion leaders or the communicators of fashion .
The historical measurement of the fashion theory states that the innovators or the fashion opinion leaders form the main links to be able to obtain prime sales targets and to achieve high volume in the fashion market.
King, came out with a “trickle down” theory, which suggested the role of fashion opinion leaders in the fashion industry and studied the fashion change agents and the fashion adoption process. Later Summers (1970), worked on the relationship between the roles of the fashion opinion leaders in the process of fashion adoption. Both the studies found out that both, the opinion leaders of fashion and the leaders of fashion play a vital role in the fashion adoption, and are the key market to attain high sales volume.
Further, Baumgartner(1975) researched on the relation and the interconnectivity of fashion innovator , the fashion leader and the innovative communicator .The results of this study pointed out two dimensions of fashion, the activity and the behavior. Sproles and King(1973) worked intensively on the fashion involvement and the consumer behavior and constructed a fashion involvement index which carved out five dimensions of fashion involvement.
The first dimension researched by Sproles and King

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