Sproul's Golden Word Analysis

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R.C. Sproul speaks golden words in his amazing quote. It describes the flawed side of humans that creates a burden in one’s life that is manufacturer inside and can only be fixed from within. We have the potential to learn, make a difficult task seem easy, be passionate, and so much more. The one enormous obstacle that lies in our lives as humans is laziness. We push aside the opportunity to get to know God’s Word because it seems too energy-consuming and we prefer to do something that does not require as much effort. “What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient.” ~Bodie Thoene In my opinion, this quote highlights a philosophy that a plethora of people live by. People have the urge to throw out any task that might seem complex and, therefore, completely overlooking the right or wrong of that decision. We are constantly focused on accomplishing a task in the most convenient way possible that the right way to do something usually seems bothersome and non-compatible with our to-do list. Bodie Thoene’s quote goes hand in hand with R.C. Sproul’s quote. For one, R.C. Sproul make the point that laziness is our main enemy that keeps us from studying God’s Word. While we all have the ability to learn and…show more content…
Sproul. The quote by Sproul shines the light on an enormous problem that many Christians face, the lack of effort to put work into their relationship with God. The lack of effort is usually covered up by the myriad of excuses that are made in order to excuse the believer from putting any effort in to their relationship with God. That is where Proverbs 13:4 kicks in and tells us that it is only the soul of the “diligent” that is will ultimately receive the fortune, that comes in the shape of a stronger relationship with God. If one is “sluggish” and does not put any effort into strengthening their relationship then they will end up wanting a lot but not receiving anything due to their lack of
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