Squanto: A Brief Biography

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Squanto Squanto, who was also known as Tisquantum, was born around 1580, somewhere near Plymouth, Massachusetts. He was born into the tribe the Patuxet. Not much is known about his life as a young child. However, much is known about his young adult life, until the day he died. In 1605, Squanto was captured by Captain Weymouth and taken to England with four other Indians, the captain was hoping that Sir Ferdinando Gorges would appreciate meeting the natives to the region. During their time in England, it is thought that they were treated well and also taught English in hopes that they would assist the English settlers back in America. After returning home, he was captured once again, along with twenty other Indians; by English explorer, Thomas Hunt. They were sold off as…show more content…
He also taught them how to fish, plant crops, and how to use the fish heads as fertilizer for the crops. However, the trust the natives and the pilgrims had for him would soon falter, after he wanted to increase his status and increase his power among the two groups, he spread rumors hoping to start conflict, but it was soon realized that he was lying and he was almost put to death. William Bradford, the governor of the Plymouth colony saved his life when he explained to the pilgrims that he was the only reason they were able to survive after the winter. Not long after Squanto’s life was spared, he escorted Governor Bradford on a trip to trade for corn seed. Not too far into the trip, dangerous weather caused them to pull into Manamoyick Bay. In November of 1622, Squanto’s nose began bleeding. He knew this as a sign that he was going to die. He requested that Governor Bradford pray for him so he could go to heaven. He also wanted him to give gifts to his English acquaintances back at Plymouth. Squanto died several days later in Chatham, Massachusetts of Indian
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