Squanto's Argumentative Analysis

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In the year 1620, over a hundred people were at the end of their tolerance for having a religion forced upon them. These people set off from England in search of a land where they could escape religious persecution. This trip was to be by boat, going across some of the most dangerous waters. Many people died before they reached what was then called Cape Cod. Once on the land, they faced more hardships. Cold winters, disease and lack of food almost forced the bedraggled pilgrims to return to their homeland. However, a friendly native known as Squanto took pity on the newcomers and taught them how to hunt and plant food such as corn. Life began to become easier for the families in New England. By the time a hundred years had passed, the 13 colonies were formed. During this time, Great Britain wanted control over the colonies and New England.…show more content…
He began to write a pamphlet that he called Common Sense. This pamphlet, published on January 10,1776, explained his reasoning for why New England should fight for independence. He felt that being part of Great Britain would drag the colonies into wars that weren’t New England’s problem. He also felt that by being a British nation, they would still be persecuted by what religion they followed, thus making their journey from England useless. One of the last reasons he felt that they should not be a British nation was that Britain did not care about what happened in New England. Paine’s pamphlet encouraged the wishy-washy colonies to embrace their
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