Squatter Migration Causes

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. Causes of Expansion of Squatter Settlements Squatter settlements are the consequences of both long term and short-term crisis in the socio-economic, institutional and political set up of a country (Shimeles, 2004). Writers in the area have tried to explain in depth the factors resulting in the proliferation of squatter settlements. 2.4.1 Socio-Economic Factors Various socio-economic factors like unemployment, housing shortage, low level of income and poverty are the main causes of squatting. In most cases, the driving force behind these socio-economic factors is the rural-urban migration. As noticed by ( Samson 2004), growth of squatter settlements is also related with social and economic segregation in the urban areas, which may again result in urban-urban migration. The overall effect of migration is recognized as escalating structural discrepancy and unduly bumping up the number of urban unemployment. Many studies have tried to identify the causes of migration. According to Shimelis (2004), the popular perception that urban areas are the means for improving quality of the living environment is the major motive. Likewise, Tilahun, (1997), revealed that the unbalanced, differential development and planning standards taking place among the rural and urban centers of a country are the influential causes for rural-urban migration. In consequence, urban centers became unable to provide the migrants with an access to shelter and related facilities. Therefore, the growing

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