'Squeaky In Raymond's Run'

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I read a passage called “Raymond’s Run” . In the beginning, Hazel gets introduced also known as “Squeaky”. In the story, she states that she is going to run in a race. There is another little girl named Gretchen that Squeaky doesn’t really like because she thinks she is going to win the race. Squeaky says, “In the second place, she has short legs. In the third place, she has freckles.” Obviously, Squeaky thought these were disadvantages of Gretchen winning the race. Also she knew that no one including Gretchen could beat her because she stated, “In the first place no one can beat me and that’s all there is to it. On the day of the race, Squeaky and Gretchen gets ready to race. BANG!, the gun goes off and the runners take off. Of course, Squeaky
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