Squeaky Analysis

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Squeaky is an excellent runner, and also the fastest runner in the story.The reasons why Squeaky is a good runner is, first of all, she won the 50-yard dash.Second, she is very determined when she practices.Lastly, she is a very arrogant person.

The first reason why I know Squeaky is a good runner is because she won the; 50-yard dash.Also Squeaky is a fast and swift runner in races.I found this information from the last paragraph it says “in the first place, Miss Hazel Elizabeth Parker’’, this shows that Squeaky won and came in first place for the 50-yard dash.This means if Squeaky can beat people in races it shows that she is a good runner. Squeaky beats Gretchen in the Mayday races, from paragraph six to seven it states “as I pass Gretchen
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From paragraph six the quote says “ill high prance down 34th street like a pony in a rodeo to keep my knees strong even if it does make my mom uptight”. This quote means that Squeaky would do anything to make her body healthy and to improve her running even if it makes her mom mad.This fits my claim since Squeaky is focused on running, this also means that she is determined because staying focused on your goal is the same as being determined by your goal.Also, another statement why Squeaky is determined is because she is confident.From paragraph three it says “no one can beat me and that 's all there is to it”.This quote is saying that people will never beat Squeaky in a race and Squeaky would always win the race.This fits my claim because Squeaky is stating that “no one will beat her”, is showing us that Squeaky has lots of confidence in herself.Although Squeaky won the 50-yard dash another reason why she is such a good runner is that she strongly decides to excel in her…show more content…
The character I picked Squeaky is a good runner because of these three reasons: she won the 50-yard dash, she is a very determined overall person, and she is a very arrogant person.My first contribution to why Squeaky is a good runner is that she won the 50-yard dash.Winning the race was a good contribution to my claim because to become a good runner you must win some races some of the time.From the last paragraph, it 's stating that Squeaky beat Gretchen one of the best racer contestants in the race.This means Squeaky is the fastest runner in the story, since she came in first place this means she is a good runner because being a good runner is to win races.My second contribute to why Squeaky is a good runner is that she is very determined to her practices.Being determined is important to be a good runner because without being focused on something like your goal you wouldn 't be able to complete it and you will finally fail in that goal and start to decrease in that skill slowly unlike Squeaky the opposite instead, she is focused on her training to improve in her running.My final reason why Squeaky is a good runner is that she is very arrogant.The reason why being arrogant is a contribute to why Squeaky is a good runner is that being arrogant gives Squeaky good motivation to tell herself that she is going to win the races and no one 's going to beat her.Also, since she acts arrogant she has lots of pride like when she won she said her “neighborhood can walk tall for
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