Squealer's Pride In Animal Farm

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Squealer started out with the best of intentions and fell prey to his own pride.This is shown in the story because he started out as the leader and wanted what was best for everyone. Later on he realized his control and started to abuse his privileges and hurt other animals, he didn’t take their feelings into consideration.Squealer divided food evenly but as soon as the animals started to do something he didn't like he would cut their portions in half. He would force some animals to work harder than others. He made all of the decisions on the farm by himself he didn’t ask how anyone else felt about it.

He gave all of the animals the same proportion of the food. But, as soon as they did something he didn’t like he would cut their food in half. He didn’t care if the animals stayed just as long as what he wants gets done. The animals hated this but they didn’t want to stand up
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He doesn’t make the pigs work as hard as any of the animals he favors them because they are the same as him. He makes the bigger animals do all of the super hard work. All of the animals know this is happening but they don’t do anything about it because Squealer will just make them work harder or punish them.The animals are forced to do things they were never forced to do before. Squealer makes all of the decisions he doesn't ask for an opinion.

All of the animals get controlled by Squealer he doesn’t give them a say. When the animals took over animal farm they all expected to do what they wanted and not have a ruler. Squealer wants complete control and at first he doesn’t have that at first. He adventually gets complete control and takes advantage of it. He starts to make decisions without any of the other animals opinions. The animals don’t like that he makes decisions without them but again they never say anything. Squealer takes over all of the other animals and doesn’t let them speak out for themselves. The animals no longer like
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