Squishy As A Father Figure To Charlie In The Novel Runner '

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Runner essay

Squizzy Taylor becomes a father figure to Charlie throughout the novel runner, but Charlie soon realizes how wrong he was. Discuss. Squishy as a father figure

The novel runner is based in Melbourne, Australia the main character is a 16 year old boy Charlie Feehan and his live living in Melbourne it the 1919 and how Charlie was living his life with is a single mother and his younger brother Jack and how Charlie was one of scuzzy Taylors runners. Squizzy Taylor was a very notorious gangster in Melbourne at the time.
At first Charlie thought that squizzy was a good man, but still a gangster, but towards the end of the book Charlie found out the squishy was not the man he thought he was this is what I am going to talk to you about today.

I believe that Charlie thought that squizzy was a good father figure at first.
Even though Charlie lost the race squizzy still liked him and let him work for him. Squizzy sucked Charlie into his trap to go and run for him squizzy told Charlie that he would pay more that rosellas and Charlie thought that Charlie thought that it would be a good option to look after his family especially his brother jack to feed him because he is the man of the house now. Charlie 's mother told Charlie not to work for squizzy because he was a gangster and he would be a bad influence on Charlie. Charlie’s mother never liked squizzy his mother was very down when Charlie started working for squizzy.
Charlie thought that squizzy would be a great
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