Srata Title In Malaystra Case Study

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Strata title is the title specialized for the individual unit of property such as apartment, condominium, offices and etc. Strata title can indicate that the ownership of the property belonging. The person who holds the strata title is the actual owner of the property. For this reason, Buyers should ask for strata title when they purchasing this kind of property. If not, the ownership of the property will fall under the developer name and not the buyer owning the unit. In addition, when buyers own the strata title, he/she have the right to sell out the property without getting the consent from the developer. Strata title is the vital parts of a condominium property. It has provided great convenience to the condominium buyers. Without strata title, buyers will hardly to get a loan from banks to finance the condominium, difficult to maintain the property due to the management committee cannot be formed and etc. This kind of problem will limit the buyer of the property to exercise his/her power. And if the developer goes bankrupt before the strata title…show more content…
Condominium prices are more cheaper and affordable by public. The average prices of buying a condominium in malaysia is about RM500,000 for a minimum 3 bedroom and it located at the city. And, The prices of bungalow are more expensive for about RM5000,000 compared with condominium and normally not near by the city. If buyer are more prefer with the bungalow that located in the city , the prices will greatly increase according to the location of the bungalow that the buyer want to finance. The high cost of the bungalow will stop the step of the public due to the reason that they can’t bear the price. Besides, Different country has different prices of condo such as the condo in Hong Kong. Most of the resident can’t afford the prices of purchasing the house even though there are some new affordable houses but it also out of the area that they able to
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