Sri Aurobindo's Savitri As A Feminist Epic

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The main objective of this investigation is to look at Sri Aurobindo 's masterpiece Savitri as a feminist epic where the female character, Savitri plays a pivotal role breaking the conventional trends of the contemporary society and literature where male characters dominate in the domain. Usually women are taken into consideration as inferior to men socially, biologically, financially, psychologically, and also religiously. Feminism demands women 's liberation and the rights of women on the ground of the equality of the sexes. This article has been attempted to probe deeper into the story in order to bring out the evidences which will establish the final confirmation regarding Savitri as a feminist epic.


1) Feminism
2) Liberation
3) Discrimination
4) Marxism
5) Capitalist

Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri As a Feminist Epic

It is the aim of this essay to look at Sri Aurobindo’s masterpiece Savitri as a feminist epic. It is a great poem and this is a very restricted view, but so far as is known to the present writer no such study has been attempted so far and it is hoped that this will help us in understanding it better. Before we turn to the poem itself however a few remarks on feminism are needed.
The feminist movement is mainly a twentieth century one and is divided into three different stages known as waves. The most important writer of the First Wave, Virginia Woolf is a late nineteenth and early twentieth century figure. But the first important
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