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When considering the Sri Lankan export market, Sri Lankan tea has strong brand image in the international tea market and tea is readily available in Sri Lanka. In the point of United Arab Emirates, they are most commonly used tea as a main drink in different flavours such as black tea, mint tea as well as hibiscus flowers flavour tea as their drinks. Therefore, there will be a favourable potential market for tea and with other flavours also. Considering this, Sherwood tea Company in Sri Lanka has planned to enter the tea market in United Arabic Emirates (UAE) initially with providing quality tea and later it hopes to expand their business in to flavoured tea. The people in UAE are more health conscious and therefore the health benefit of tea is going…show more content…
It was to have a factory to do the manufacturing process. Mr. Upasena did not believe in cooking his food in someone’s kitchen. So he wanted to have his owned factory to turn his crops to number one tea of the world. His effort was succeeded with Diddeniya tea factory as it had the capacity for all the needed expansions, improvements and modernizations. Besides all these facts it was located in the right place. It was acquired in year 1986 and developed to deal with approximately 25,000 kgs of green tea per day. This was named as Sherwood tea factory. Over last 35 years he purchased some other plantations too like Wales Estate and K epoch plantation.
Now the Company was owned by the son of Mr.Upasena, Mr. H. I. R. Nishantha and he is able increase the capacity of factory to deal with 25,000 kg per day and an average yield of 90,000 kg per month. Now this factory is named as Ferndale.
The Company has been famous for producing quality tea with high flavoured and fragrance. It has able to blend the traditional and the modern technology in order to provide the best tea. Currently it manages the whole manufacturing process of the tea from sapling to final tea

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